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I’m Kay, and this is my blog, “Your Blog Name Here”  🙂

Yes, that’s really its name. I didn’t realize it would be a bit confusing when I chose it. Oh well.

The blog is the result of an experiment I’m trying to make: I plan to see if practice does indeed make perfect.

Background: I am a computer engineer, and I have never studied anything remotely artistic in my life. I don’t think I am particularly talented either. While I agree that whatever I do I will never reach the level of skill talented people can (especially those that have studied art), I am trying to see whether I can reach an okay skill simply by working on it a little each day.

I decided to try my hand at blog headers since they can range from very simple to very artistic, a more than enough palette for me. Hence the headers on this blog, offered for free because I like giving things away (and also because at my current level no one would bother paying for them 😛 ).

Have a nice day!

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